DUMP-2013: the largest conference of Ural developers will be held May 24-25, 2013

    DUMP-2013 - the largest conference in the Urals for programmers, usabilityists and project managers will be held in Yekaterinburg on May 24-25.

    As usual in our program: the experience of the Ural developers + the best reports from federal conferences. The conference program was developed by the "collective mind" of the best developers of the region. The headliners of the conference come to us from Dublin, Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk. As a result - 5 streams, 50 Russian and foreign speakers, 500 participants, hanging out of the best IT specialists in the region - these are all DUMP-2013. Are you with us

    The most goodies of the program:

    • Eugene Barabwa from sunny Ireland will tell how “Google” uses MySQL. And how do they educate him to behave well;
    • “Yandex” and “2GIS” measure the API;
    • You will find out why “Abaku” is a Chest, and “Contour” is a Zebra;
    • How to create interfaces whose support and development would not turn into hell;
    • There will be a lot about JavaScript - both at the front and at the rear (node.js and BEM);
    • Experience of animation in the browser: animations from Anton Nemtsev;
    • Grunt.js, KnockoutJS, PhoneGap and all the latest from the world of web standards;
    • Image recognition: theory and practice;
    • How the developers of “Tanks Online” managed to manage the company through delegating responsibility to people, and not through setting goals (and what it cost them);
    • How regional companies compete for personnel and win;
    • Gamification nowadays in people management: what is it all about? Experience of IT companies.
    • And much more: dump-it.ru/programma

    The conference consists of two days:

    The first day of the conference, May 24, consists of 5 thematic streams: Front-end , Serverside , Development Management , Interface Design , and a new section, Science and Life .

    The second day of the conference - May 25th - is the IT specialists' daily hike - a not very difficult walking route of 10-15 km, the nature of the Urals, friendly gatherings around the fire, a hodgepodge and communication on any topic. No reports, just behind-the-scenes communication;)

    If you want to keep abreast of the latest trends and get ideas that you want to implement in your real work from May 27, join us!

    Register here

    The conference will be held at the Angelo Hotel at Yekaterinburg, ul. Bahchivanji, d. 55a. On the first day of the conference, morning and evening delivery of participants by a free bus will be organized.

    The number of seats at the conference is limited to only 500 tickets, so registration is done only upon payment. Keep up! Today there are 253 places left.

    Ticket price:
    first day - 3,500 rubles., When paying from 10 people from the company - 10% discount;
    second day - 500 rubles.

    Register - it will be interesting!

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