How are you looking for freelance orders on exchanges?

    I always wondered how experienced comrades are looking for orders on freelance exchanges.


    When I became a freelancer myself (before leaving for Asia and leaving my office work), I had to sweat while I worked out an optimal job search strategy for myself.

    How are you doing this?

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    How are you looking for freelance orders on exchanges?

    • 24.7% I go to the stock exchange once an hour to respond to the latest (while I am completing the previous order) 168
    • 35.8% I go to the exchange once a day, answer all orders of interest 243
    • 18.2% I use RSS and notifications provided by exchanges 124
    • 10.3% I use the service of notification of orders 70
    • 5.6% I use the application for notification of orders (on a computer / smartphone) 38
    • 4.7% I use a self-written notifier to search for orders 32
    • 38.3% I’m not looking for orders on exchanges anymore, people go by themselves according to recommendations 260

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