Turkish company seized top-level domain?

    The mysterious story of the capture of the three domain zones of Grenada (.gd), the British Virgin Islands (.vg) and the Turks and Caicos Islands (.tc) is still ongoing.

    On May 1, the IANA (Internet Address Space Administration) decided to transfer control of the .GD zone to the National Telecommunications Committee of Grenada (NTRC). On May 6, the .GD domain was re-allocatedin his name. But in fact, all the functions of the domain zone administrator will be performed by KSRegistry, which was and remains its technical operator. IANA explained its decision by the fact that the previous owner of the domain zone - AdamsNames - is not able to fully perform the functions of the registry and ensure the security of the DNS system. In order to avoid abuse of the “third party”, which in March this year received partial control over the domain zone, the domain was temporarily “frozen”. All operations with domains were disabled until May 21. The domain was redeployed thanks to the initiative of the NTRC and the government of Grenada, who decided not to trust their national domain with AdamsNames.

    But the future of two other domains - .VG and .KC - remains in doubt. Although there were no visible changes with the .VG domain (AdamsNames is listed as its administrator and technical operator), the .KC domain was most likely seized as a result of hacking the registry site. Its technical operator was the Turkish company Meridian TLD , which recently also launched a site on which it is possible to register domains in .KC and .VG zones.

    The most interesting thing is that ICANN and IANA transferred the rights to the technical management of the zone to the Meridian TLD. CS even before AdamsNames complained about the "domain capture". Moreover, as stated on the official website of AdamsNames, representatives of the "criminal" company attended the ICANN meeting in Beijing as representatives of AdamsNames.

    It is hard to imagine how the Meridian TLD was able to not only take control of the entire domain zone, but also officially receive the status of its technical operator. So far, too much remains unclear in this story.

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