Google is about to introduce paid YouTube subscriptions for some channels

    Google, however, seems to have decided to monetize YouTube, not just by showing ads in commercials. Apparently, a new monetization model will be launched this week - paid subscriptions to YouTube channels. In total, it is currently planned to put into operation about 50 channels with different content filling, with a subscription, the price of which will be from $ 1.99 per month.

    YouTube’s vice president has previously reported that subscriptions are “extremely important” as a tool to generate additional revenue streams for content creators. Of course, subscriptions will bring money not only to the authors of the content, but also to the service itself.

    It has not yet been announced how much interest will go to the service, and how much to content authors. A little earlier, YouTube has invested about 200 million US dollars in the creation of professional video content, and subscriptions can return at least part of the investment. Work on improving the quality of content on YouTube began a long time ago, and in 2011 the service began to take the first serious steps to achieve its goals. Well, the goal was to increase the number of professional videos, thus diluting a huge number of videos with cats, children and home-grown chefs.

    The introduction of paid subscriptions for YouTube channels will put the service in a number of competitors for paid video services, such as Netflix. Now, additional funds will be able to receive both Google and the authors of content posted on channels with a paid subscription. Information about the possibility of introducing such a monetization scheme began to appear quite a long time ago, but only now all this has taken shape in fairly clear news.


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