Automotive Systems Design Postgraduate Program in the Netherlands

    Hello harazhiteli!
    It will be about the technical university of Eindhoven. I mentioned in my previous article that a professional doctorate in engineering (PDEng [ Eng. ] ), And also has told about life and study in the Netherlands. But let me remind once again the main differences from other degrees. These are two-year English-language post-graduate programs, when enrolling for which you are a university employee in the sense that you are paid a salary, and a student in that you are studying.

    One of our teachers told me that at PDEng in Automotive System Designstudents from the CIS countries submit little documents. I, in turn, decided that the habrasociety would take this news with interest. To do this, I contacted the program coordinator to clarify some issues and went out during lunch, took some photos in their laboratory (they were just testing something on the street related to speed bumps).

    So, the program for two years consists of 6 modules :
    1. Automotive Systems Engineering (10 weeks)
    2. Hybrid and Electrical Driving (11 weeks)
    3. Software networked embedded systems (11 weeks)
    4. Human-centered Design of Automotive Systems (10 weeks)
    5. Vehicles Dynamics Design (11 weeks)
    6. The final project in the company (9 months)
    They collaborate with the following companies: DAF Trucks, NXP Semiconductors, TNO Automotive, ABB, Bosch Transmission Technologies, VDL / APTS, Segula, DTI, TomTom, Irmato, Benteler, Punch Powertrain.

    Admission requirements

    You understand that the advantage in receiving documents will be applicants with knowledge in the following areas: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, automation of production processes, embedded systems, etc.
    Mechanical / Electrical / Aerospace / Control Engineering, Embedded Systems etc.

    Needless to say, people who are passionate about the automotive industry, and ready to become active participants in the development of the industry, are able to manage the team in the future.

    Documents ( full description ):
    • Detailed motivation letter
    • Summary
    • Copies of diplomas and liners of the bachelor and master
    • Copy or abstract of thesis
    • Test results in English (at least 90 points in TOEFL (IB) or 6.5 in IELTS).
    • Names and contacts (preferably email) of at least two people who can recommend you and your thesis. It is preferable that these people be involved in your graduation project.

    A specialist diploma can be recognized if the level is more or less comparable to the master's level in the Netherlands.

    The deadlines for filing documents are running out, you should try to submit documents by June 1 , which should be quite realistic for many. To pass the test in English, a slight delay is possible. Most likely, you can pass it after the interview.

    As the last time, I will gladly consider all wishes, suggestions, comments and threats in private messages, I will try to give answers in the comments to general questions about the university and life in the Netherlands. For questions relating only to this program, it is better to contact by e-mail of this program, do not hesitate to ask questions.
    Due to the fact that I am now packing my bags and flying away on vacation, I cannot promise that I will be able to respond promptly.

    PS: A good fresh commercial for the university as a whole, you can see the classrooms, laboratories and dining rooms. At 1:56 a little show the Automotive Engineering laboratory.

    PPS: And if you prefer usability, industrial design or web technologies, you can familiarize yourself with the program I'm studying for (the deadline for submitting documents is the same ).

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