We create dynamic websites using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS. 2nd ed

    Original title: Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites
    Author: R. Nixon
    Book Translation: N.R. Vilchinsky
    Released: mid-May

    This month we are releasing the second updated edition of the Western bestseller “We Create Dynamic Websites Using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS 2nd Edition.” The book is also popular with us. Reviews ozon.ru .


    Learn how to create modern dynamic websites, even if you don’t have programming experience. If you can write static sites in HTML, then with this guide you will learn dynamic web programming and learn modern open source technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS.

    In this guide, each technology is considered separately and shows how to combine them into a single whole, gives an idea of ​​the most modern concepts of web programming. With the help of detailed examples and control questions given in each chapter, you can consolidate the material studied in practice.

    This guide will help you:

    • master the basics of PHP and object-oriented programming;
    • thoroughly learn MySQL, starting with the database structure and ending with the compilation of complex queries;
    • Create web pages that use PHP and MySQL to combine forms and other HTML elements.
    • Learn JavaScript, from functions and event processing to access to the Document Object Model (DOM);
    • Learn CSS to style stylish web pages.
    • Make Ajax calls and turn your website into a highly dynamic information environment;
    • upload files to the website and work with them, check the data entered by the user, ensure the security of their applications;
    • with the help of practical examples, learn to combine web technologies into a single whole;

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