Openors $ 12 Gongkai Phone

    imageFor the price of a couple of cups of coffee, you get a full-fledged phone with a two-color OLED screen, Bluetooth and the ability to play MP3 music. All this in a transparent green case.

    According to bloggers , the estimated cost of the Gongkai phone is about $ 10, that is, it also sells with a good margin of 20%. The package includes a charger, a USB cable and a protective silicone case.

    imageInterestingly, no screws or screws are used in the assembly of the device; parts of the case simply snap in with a mechanism. The fastening of internal components probably also reduces the cost of production - the screen, lithium-polymer battery and other parts are simply soldered to the motherboard.

    The comparison with the 3rd generation Arduino Uno also looks interesting:

    SpecThis phoneArduino uno
    Price$ 12~ $ 20
    CPU speed260 MHz, 32-bit16 MHz, 8-bit
    InterfacesUSB, microSD, SIMUSB
    WirelessQuadband GSM, Bluetooth-
    PowerLi-Poly battery, includes adapterExternal, no adapter
    DisplayTwo-color OLED-

    UPD from BarsMonster : «it is open source in Chinese"

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