Install Chrome extensions and apps from the developer's site

    Last week, we announced the introduction of new security measures to identify programs that violate Chrome’s rules for installing browser extensions.

    Using standard mechanisms for installing Chrome extensions is beneficial not only for users, but also for developers. Consider installing extensions from the developer's site as an example.

    Using this technology, you can give Chrome users the ability to install an extension or application directly through the UI of your site. This is not only clearer for the user (no need to go to the Chrome Web Store page , initiate the installation there, then return to the developer's site), but it can significantly increase the number of extension / application downloads.

    How does installing from a site affect application success?

    • 15% of installations of the Evernote Clearly extension and 25% of installations of the Evernote Web Clipper in Chrome are initiated through installation from the site.
    • there was a 10% increase in the number of installations after Rovio installed the Chrome version of Angry Birds from its site instead of redirecting it to the Chrome Web Store.

    Implementing the installation from the site is very simple:

    1. Provide a link to your application in the Chrome Web Store.
    2. Write a small script to check if the client browser supports all the features that your application requires (support for WebGL, Web Audio API , etc.). The Modernizr library is great for this . On Habré it was already in detail told about it.
    3. Call the JS method to initialize the installation process.


    When users install the application, they will see the installation confirmation dialog (as in the picture above). As in the dialog that appears during installation directly from the Chrome Web Store, all the permissions that your application requests are listed here. In addition, the dialogue shows the rating of the application in the Chrome Web Store and the number of users so that users have an idea about the application that they install.

    The user just needs to click on the “Add” button. And you're done, you don’t even need to leave your site.

    Detailed documentation on using the installation from the site can be found here . If you have questions, you can contact us through the forum for developers .

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