Toaster Update

    Hello everyone from the Toaster team!

    Today we updated some mechanisms on the Toaster, and also added new features. For details, welcome under cat.

    We have added search filters. Now you can filter the issue by the presence of answers, decisions and by the time the content is created. For example, if you want to see the questions on your request, asked in the last month, which have more than 5 answers and there is a solution.

    We also added the ability to search for answers so that you can search for information that interests you not only in questions. You can also apply a time filter to the search by answers, for example, if you forgot to like the answer you like and would like to find it again.

    Since our users often leave links to jsfiddle and codepen, we decided that it would be logical to add the ability to insert blocks with the results of works into the bodies of questions, answers and comments. And you can demonstrate not only the code, but also the result of its reproduction. To insert a block, simply click on the “+” and insert a link to your work in the appropriate field.

    Ivan Bogachev (@ sfi0zy ) suggestedso that users of the Toaster can independently fix their “best answers” ​​on the main profile page. Up to this point, the block with the best answers was formed from the responses of the user who scored the highest number of “Like” marks. Often it could be a well-chosen link or a picture, in general, something not very representative. We found the idea of ​​Ivan good, because many use the profile on the Toaster as part of their portfolio. We have added such a mechanism. Now in the dropdown of the answer appeared the item “Add to the best answers”, which adds the answer to the first place in the list of the best on the user’s page.

    And we finally identified the author of the question in the comments and answers to him. True, it has long been suggested, no more scrolling up and down.

    And what would you suggest to do on the Toaster first?

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