Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail Release

    Today is April 25th, which means that the release of Ubuntu 13.04 will take place today ! So the long-awaited date has come for all ubuntovod!

    The release has already taken place! A full review is located here: Overview of Ubuntu 13.04 .

    As many know, this release might not have come out! And all because of the discussions of the Rolling Release . But Canonical rightly decided that we should not give up the work that we did on 13.04, which is why we are waiting for the evening when links to the Raring Ringtail will be available.

    Download Ubuntu 13.04

    Download Torrent :
    Desktop : PC (Intel x86) | 64-bit PC (AMD64)
    Server : PC (Intel x86) | 64-bit PC (AMD64)

    Other links (full set) are located here: Download Ubuntu 13.04 .

    UPD : Added download links. :)
    UPD2 : The official release has taken place! Added information and links.
    UPD3 : Edited the post, made it look more humane.

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