William Gibson Tried What Google Glass Is

    And for the first time I saw that the mirror glasses were a surgical patch, their silver metal smoothly rising from her high cheekbones, as if sealing eyes in the eye sockets. I saw in them a double reflection of my face.

    “Johnny Mnemonic”, 1981

    Famous modern science fiction writer William Gibson, founder of the literary style “Cyberpunk”, author of the trilogy “Cyberspace” (well, Neuromancer was definitely read by everyone), touched a couple of days ago and tried the device (and Google, it seems, didn’t has a relation to this), which he, in fact, meant, although not in such an explicit form, of course, back in 1981.

    At a public event - a meeting with a writer in the New York Public Library - came one of the current owners of Google Glass (judging by the guy’s Flickr profile, his name is Joe Kendall, and he’s a typical geek), who was among the selected testers who received the gadget last week .

    There is no exact description of exactly how everything happened - except for two photos: the one in the title and the one where Gibson, apparently, includes glasses:

    Only one thing is obvious: the famous writer tried to put on Google Glass and put his opinion about them in 140 characters - futuristic:

    In other words, although Gibson did not thoroughly torment his glasses, trying to feel the taste of what he described more than 30 years ago, he still liked it - unexpectedly for himself.

    [ Flickr ]

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