Telecom operators who have not received equipment for an “autonomous Runet” will be able to work without problems

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In the draft law on the adoption of interim measures for the creation of an autonomous infrastructure, mitigating edits have been made. For example, telecom operators who do not receive equipment from the state to fulfill the requirements of the law on the stability of the Runet after its adoption may release from liability for failure to comply with the requirements of the document. Reports about it TASS.

In other words, if the operator is not given the proper equipment, the company is not responsible for anything, because it is not to blame for the failure. “If this equipment is not provided, then the operator can work as before. If for some reason the state cannot provide them with equipment, then the operators will work without changes, ”said the representative of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media.

It should be noted that now the budget does not include the full amount of funds required for the execution of the bill. True, funding is provided for the creation and operation of the Public Communication Network Control Center, as well as for the creation and operation of an information system for monitoring and managing a public communication network. The center should be engaged in monitoring and control within the framework of the law on the Runet.

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media has not yet commented on the details of the preparation of amendments to the draft law and the issues of its financing. Earlier, the head of department Konstantin Noskov said that the ministry is working closely with senators on amendments to the draft law on the sustainability of Runet. According to the official, he considers such changes necessary.

The Runet sustainability bill itself wasadopted in the first reading with the condition for making corrective amendments to the second reading. Thus, the Cabinet pointed out that the document did not specify the threats to the integrity of the Internet. The government proposed to supplement the document with a new provision, which stipulates the preservation of the quality of communication during the installation of equipment necessary for the implementation of the bill.

The sources of funding for the measures listed in the draft law are also not identified. It is worth recalling that initially it was said that the implementation of the bill would not require budget money. Then - that the funds are still needed, the total amount should be about 2 billion rubles. And even later it became known that more than 20 billion rubles may be required.

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