Durex has created vibrating underwear that can be controlled via a smartphone

Original author: Tom Cheredar
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Condom maker Durex has unveiled its new underwear line, Fundawear, which will vibrate at the request of your sex partner. You and your partner will be able to turn on the vibration of linen directly from your smartphone - this kind of application brings a new meaning to the concept of “phone sex”.

As stated in the demo video, vibration sensors mimic human touch. You can use the smartphone app by selecting certain areas of your partner's body that you would like to stimulate. These areas are represented by circles in the image of the body parts of your partner. When you touch these circles, the app activates the vibration of the underwear sensors. These devices use technology from Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) to transfer touch in real time to where your partner is.

Underwear Fundawear is not yet on sale, and therefore we do not know its price. However, Durex is running a competition on Australia's Facebook page and offers the opportunity to win a Fundawear lingerie set before it goes on sale.

See the video describing the operation of the device here and a funny demo with two partners here .

It is worth noting that underwear from Durex is not the first project of virtual sex and the transmission of touches via the Internet. This month, LovePalz devices went on sale, with two parts Zeus and Hera. LovePalz is a crowdfunding project launched through Kickstarter and removed from there for pornographic content. However, the campaign gained popularity by continuing to share with future users the progress in creating Zeus and Hera on their website .

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