Master class "Software Architecture". Basic course to prepare for iSAQB international certification

    On June 4-6, 2013 in Moscow, an international expert, Dr. Peter Khrushchka, will hold a 3-day master class “Software Architecture”. This workshop is a basic course to prepare for the international certification of iSAQB.

    Dr. Peter Khrushka- Founder of Atlantic Systems Guild, an internationally renowned group of experts (, which includes Tom DeMarco and Tim Lister. He is a member of the editorial board of IT magazines, including the founder and member of the International Council for the Development of Requirements (IREB) and the International Council for the Qualification of Software Architecture (ISAQB). Founder of the Agile community in Germany. One of the developers of the architectural documentation template for ARC42 systems. A pioneer in modeling tools for structural and object-oriented methodologies. He is a frequent speaker at IT conferences, a consultant, and many Fortune 500 companies are among his clients. He is the author of numerous articles and 9 books on software engineering and the human factor, including a co-author of the famous Adrenaline-Free and Zombie Templates.

    During practical exercises you will get acquainted with important tools and get the skills necessary for a modern architect. Among the key topics of the workshop: building flowcharts and a work cycle, effective design and cross-cutting issues, documentation, assessment methods and metrics. You can find out more about the master class program on the website. The

    master class is intended for everyone who feels responsible for the structure of the IT system: mainly software architects, technical IT managers, designers, programmers and quality management staff. In addition, project managers will learn the rationale for design decisions. Thus, they get the opportunity to optimize the structure of the development team.

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