Phones on Firefox OS will be available in June in 5 countries

    As already wrote on Habré, and more than once, Firefox OS is a mobile operating system designed to work with web applications and services. This OS, first of all, will work on budget devices. And the first such devices will go on sale in June this year, in five countries.

    These countries are Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Venezuela. By the end of the year, Firefox OS phones will appear in 11 more countries. As for the United States, in this country such phones will go on sale only in 2014.

    Developers who want to create software for this platform are invited to focus on creating web applications that can be run on the device as "native" ones. Users will add applications to themselves through the Mozilla marketplace, and it is clear that applications that are physically hosted on third-party servers will always be “up to date”, as they say. Those. nothing needs to be updated on the phone itself.

    Thanks to the latest web technologies, plus HTML5, some applications will be able to work without access to the Web, since the data necessary for work can be stored on the device itself. But, of course, most applications will still need access to the Web. Now in many countries there is no problem with access to the "mobile" Internet, so this concept of work can be quite successful.


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