Google Glass Technical Specifications

    Google has published a page with some of the technical specifications for Google Glass.

    SoC : unknown.
    Display / projector : 640x360, "the equivalent of a 25-inch display from a distance of 2.4 meters."
    Camera : 5 MP, 720p video.
    Audio : vibration transmitter to the bone.
    Communication : 802.11b / g WiFi, Bluetooth.
    Memory : 16 GB NAND all 12 GB free.
    Battery : capacity unknown, “1 day typical use”.
    I / O : microUSB.
    System : Android 4.0.3 or higher with the My Glass application (it appeared on Google Play today).

    The resolution of the display / projector 640x360 with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 is known from the requirements for the user interface of applications for Google Glass.

    According to rumors , most likely in the SoC device will OMAP4.

    Quite surprising is the lack of 802.11n specifications. There is also no GPS module. All this is due to the fact that Google Glass is constantly working in conjunction with a smartphone.

    At the same time as technical specifications, documentation and the Mirror API for application developers were published .

    Google has sent letters to those who at the last year’s Google I / O conference signed up in line for the purchase of the gadget. In a letter, the company says that “hardware and software are ready,” and the first instances of Google Glass Explorer “are off the assembly line right now.”

    Letter text from Glass Team

    Dear Researchers,

    A little less than a year has passed since the last Google I / O conference - you came to the presentation, we jumped from the airship, and when you landed, they asked you to join us on this unpredictable and exciting journey. At that time, we had no idea when the Points would be received. In just two and a half days, we increased from 0 to about 2000 the number of Researchers - people who believe in the project, who are ready for the challenge and who, most importantly, help create the future of the Points.

    Since then, we have worked hard on the research version of Glasses and we have great news: the hardware and software is now ready for you. We are seeing the first batch of devices coming off the assembly line right now.

    We know that you patiently waited to get Points. Therefore, instead of waiting until all devices are ready, we deliver them now. We produce enough for everyone, but today only a part is ready. Therefore, we will notify you with “waves” and as soon as we are ready to invite you, we will let you know. When this time comes, you will receive an e-mail with details.

    Thank you for believing in us from the very beginning. We are happy that we have you as the first pioneers and cannot wait to celebrate with you when you all receive Points.

    Go to the next step.

    Glass Team. Captcha


    The first instances of Google Glass Explorer cost $ 1,500.

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