Nontrivial task with callback + DID in Asterisk

Hello, dear Habravites and asterisk lovers!
I want to share an interesting task and a solution to it. So, here are the conditions of the problem.
We have:
- a modified distribution of Elastix 2.3
- asterisk
- FreePBX 2.8.1
- 24 numbers connecting via sip and 30 channels
- ~ 40 different LLCs as part of the holding
Current task:
- make a callback service for each DID number (and, accordingly, each LLC)

It would seem, "it's freePBX - everything is done with the mouse there." This is not entirely true.

Step one. Awareness of the problem.

I use the elastix web interface to configure. I really like him.
Go to PBX-> PBX Configuration-> Callback and fill in the data for the callback.
We go to the IVR section, select the desired menu and configure, for example, “9” our callback.
I check - everything works. I called from 28-xx-yy - the call returned from 28-xx-yy
I did the same for IVR on the number 28-xx-xx - the call returned from 28-xx-yy
Agree, it’s illogical when you call to order products, but they call you back from the number of some plant. And I have quite a few such organizations.
From here the current task flowed: it is necessary that by calling 28-xx-xx - the call should return from the number 28-xx-xx

Step Two Finding a solution from the elastix / FreePBX web interface

I will say right away. Maybe it is, but I did not find it.

Step Three Exploring configuration files directly

The context for the callback is in the extensions_additional.conf file
include => callback-custom
exten => 1,1,Set(CALL=${CALLERID(number)})
exten => 1,n,Set(DESTINATION=ivr-5.s.1)
exten => 1,n,Set(SLEEP=1)
exten => 1,n,System(/var/lib/asterisk/bin/callback ${CALL} ${DESTINATION} ${SLEEP} &)
exten => 1,n,Hangup

We see that the call is made from the php script / var / lib / asterisk / bin / callback
Having looked through it, we find out that the call is made from the Local channel, and leaves according to the rules of the outbound routes.
And after a working day of thought, I got an idea - to make the desired DID based on prefixes when dialing from callback.

The fourth step. The solution of the problem

For clarity, I will give the following logic:
  • register for number 28-xx-xx in Outbound Routes in the prefix field our number 28-xx-xx
  • the call comes from 55-xy-xx to 28-xx-xx
  • pass 55-xy-xx and 28-xx-xx to the callback script
  • we dial the number in the format 28xxx5555xyxx
  • the asterisk drives the number 28xxxx55xyxx into the Outbound Routes and cuts off 28xxxx by dialing 55xyxx from the number 28xxxx

The technical side turned out to be very "more complicated". As you know, FreePBX rereads extensions_additional.conf any time it is saved. Added a new user via the web - apply your current contexts.
The solution to this is to use the extensions_override_freepbx.conf file - but it didn’t work out for me. I didn’t spend more than an hour studying, because the solution to the main problem was already flying somewhere in the air. I instinctively realized that the reason most likely is that a lot has been rewritten on the server.

We look at the context [callback]
We need to pass the DID to the variable CALL. It is useless to do this through callback-custom - anyway, the variable will be reassigned lower in the main context. And then, I remembered a useful article .
Add the [callback-az] context made by copying [callback] in extensions_custom.conf and add FROM_DID to the CALL variable
exten => 1,1,Set(CALL=${FROM_DID}${CALLERID(number)})
exten => 1,n,Set(DESTINATION=ivr-5.s.1)
exten => 1,n,Set(SLEEP=1)
exten => 1,n,Set(DESC='callb_CRT')
exten => 1,n,System(/var/lib/asterisk/bin/callback ${CALL} ${DESTINATION} ${SLEEP} ${DESC}  &)

I’ll notice that my phone operator simply displays a call on their phones - “ Callback ” I
’ll run ahead, it caused a panic - they serve a bunch of organizations and want to see where the call came from. Logically, you can’t argue.
Therefore, in the context above, I added the DESC variable, text, and sent it to the callback script. It suited everyone.

Next, we modify the script / var / lib / asterisk / bin / callback itself - as already mentioned, this is a simple php script.
I think everyone has already understood what will happen next.
Are looking for
$callback_number = $args[0];
$callback_destination = $args[1];
$pause_seconds = $args[2];

Paste below
$callback_desc = $args[3];

Are looking for
$callerid = "Callback"

replace with
$callerid = $callback_desc;

Done. Next, you need to correctly make a call to the context.
I recall the above useful article and pictures to it.
Elastix does not have a Custom Destinations module , so we climb directly into FreePBX. It is located at:
login and password are standard, they are easy to google.

We do it like this: I

’ll explain. The first “1” in the line callback-az, 1,1 is the callback number from the context [callback-az] - we get several callbacks in the context (1 for each DID). The second “1” is the priority number.

Well, the final touch - we indicate in the IVR of our DID the number 9 - our Custom Destination

And this is done for each DID and Callback

Remember to add a prefix to your outbound routes! I will not talk about this, this is exactly what you can easily do with the mouse.


I do not consider myself an asterisk guru. I am sure that someone knows a way to do better and more correctly. I found my way and want to share it with the community.
Thanks to all.

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