Mozilla JavaScript Web Chat

    The Mozilla Foundation rolled out the new Tow Truck feature from the bowels of its test lab in the alpha version, which is a chat integrated directly into the web page that practically does not require support from the developer - at the same time, there are opportunities for text messaging and voice, as well as separation page content in real time.

    The scheme of work is as follows - you need to add a JS library to the page:

    and a button to enable TowTruck to work like this :.

    Start TowTruck

    All this leads to the fact that when you click on the button with TowTruck, a panel appears on the right, in which you need to somehow identify yourself and get a link that can be sent to colleagues or, say, friends. The recipient after clicking on this URL sees an invitation to join the TowTruck session and gets the opportunity to communicate with the initiator in plain text messages or voice (in the latter case, WebRTC is required - therefore, it does not work everywhere, of course).

    In addition, TowTruck also has the ability to co-edit documents - and the changes are also displayed in real time. An illustration of this mode is given in one example., where it is proposed to jointly edit some JavaScript code. To assess the possibility, you can do this: activate TowTruck, get a link, send it to yourself (just paste it into the next browser window) and edit the code somehow in one of the windows - it will also change in another.

    [ Tow Truck ]

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