Investor base: our version

    Because we talk a lot with startups - we noticed that there is one difficulty. Namely, where to start the search for an investor for a startup. There are many "investor cemeteries" on the Internet where stupid lists of everything that is possible are published. Next to the investor who invests in IT projects is an investor in agriculture.

    Therefore, we made a small service to facilitate the search for investments for IT startups .

    1. All published funds, accelerators, incubators, etc. - really invest in IT projects.

    2. We made a simple investment search form where you need to specify only the amount you are looking for.

    3. We contacted the companies in our database and get additional information from them. Example:

    We plan to make a similar supporting text for each company, we communicate with funds.

    4. We will constantly replenish information about companies investing in IT projects. New funds, incubators and other participants in the startup industry appear. Because we are an online publication about startups , we are sure to write about them. So do not miss anything.

    We don’t specially do the service of mass sending an application to an investor, because each such investor has his own requirements for registration, indicated data, etc. We give a tool so that you immediately weed out those funds that simply do not invest these amounts.

    For example, you are looking for investments of $ 50 thousand, and write to an investor who invests from the amount 10 times more. Your application, your work - disappear. It was this situation that served as the impetus for the creation of this small service.

    Scold, praise, use.

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