OpenAI Five defeated a team of people in an exhibition match Dota 2

    Yesterday in San Francisco, there was an exemplary match between the OpenAI Five artificial intelligence and the semi-professional Dota 2 team of players. Among the people were former professionals, commentators and one current pro. In any case, this is the strongest team with which the AI ​​has played since its launch in June .

    And he confidently took over. The game went up to two victories, in both matches OpenAI Five predicted its victory with a probability of 95% and turned out to be right. He took advantage from the very beginning, chose cues from the chat wheel during the game, released barbs against his rivals and confidently won.

    At some point, a team of people had problems with computers, and they paused the game. After that, artificial intelligence learned to put the game on pause.

    In the third match, which no longer influenced the outcome, the heroes for the AI ​​were chosen by the audience. When the setup was collected, OpenAI Five estimated its chances at 2.9% - and again it turned out to be right. The first 15 minutes of the team went on an equal footing, but in the second half the people pulled out the victory.

    Ilon Musk, one of the founders of OpenAI, reacted to the victory.

    OpenAI considered this match as an indicator of their chances before participating in the largest Dota 2 tournament The International. A year ago, their AI could only play one-on-one with professionals , and with significant limitations. To overcome many of them (to expand the pool of heroes, to allow the use of certain features) was only a couple of weeks ago .

    However, some amendments were made in favor of the people. For example, the reaction time is increased from 80 to 200 milliseconds. But according to David Fari, an OpenAI researcher, “The speed of the AI’s response still remains faster when something shocking happens.”

    About two weeks are left to participate in the tournament. Considering how and at what pacetrains with the OpenAI Five, anything can happen. One of the players of the team of people, William Lee (Blitz), said: “I am starting to believe in the OpenAI Five. I really think they will beat the professional team. ”

    The International will be on August 20-25.
    You can read more about the last match and the OpenAI Five here .

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