Review of Chinese tablets Ainol Spark and Ainol Venus: Price vs Quality

    People always chase the price (and this is logical), but they also need quality.

    Everyone knows perfectly about Chinese products, but everyone is afraid to buy it. For the most part, “made in China” is really a product of not the best quality, but now there are brands worthy of at least respect. What about recognition? And they have already received recognition. This, for example, ZTE, Meizu, Lenovo, Xiaomi.

    Perhaps soon Ainol will join this number. The other day, two tablets of this company fell into my hands, and, you know, I was surprised ... both in price and quality.

    Ainol Spark and Venus, and we will talk about them, are cheap. These are budget devices, and the first price is about 10 thousand rubles, and the second - about 5 thousand rubles. Well, what kind of animals are they - read below (or watch the video).

    Ainol Spark is a 9.7-inch tablet with a Retina display and 4-core processor.


    OS: Android 4.1 without add-ons
    Processor: Allwinner A31, 4 cores, 1000 MHz
    Video processor: PowerVR SGX544 MP2
    RAM: 2 GB (tests show 1.5 GB)
    Internal memory: 16 GB
    Support for memory cards: microSDHC
    Cameras: 5 MP base, 0.3 MP front
    Dimensions: 241x185.6x10.6 mm (LxWxD)
    Weight: 642 g
    Screen: IPS 9.7 '2048x1536
    Battery capacity: 10,000 mAh

    Spark, formerly known as Novo 9 FireWire, received the design of the original iPad (whatever you say, it's a fact). That's just such a "first iPad" Retina-display and a 4-core processor. The tablet has just appeared on sale and will cost about 9-10 thousand rubles in Russia, and given its functionality, it looks attractive.

    It is not clear what kind of material was used to make the back cover, but it feels like neither plastic, nor aluminum. Apparently, this is some kind of special alloy. I did not drop the tablet, so I can’t say how durable it is, but the appearance and ergonomics are credible. Yes, and his assembly is at a high level. The only thing that disappointed was the “slowdown” of the system. To this, the manufacturer responded with a promise to fix the flaws by updating the firmware, since now it is not fully optimized for the device. Let's believe, nevertheless, in my hands was a pre-release version.

    Oddly enough, according to the "Chinese tradition", there are a lot of connectors, including USB, MicroHDMI and, of course, a place for an SD card (up to 32 GB).

    By the way, it's cool that the manufacturer positions the tablet for use in portrait mode.


    - Price (9-10 thousand rubles)
    - Really high-quality Retina-display with good viewing angles
    - Connector for SD-card and HDMI
    - 4-core processor and 2 GB of RAM


    - No Bluetooth
    - Slightly slows down the interface (due to for beta firmware, so it will be fixed)
    - Some applications from the Play Market Ainol Novo 7 Venus are not supported

    This tablet appeared on sale a little earlier than Spark, but it is also worth attention (and there were no reviews on Habré). A tablet costs about 5-5.5 thousand rubles, and for the money you get a really powerful device with a good design. And if you are not confused by the unknown inscription “Ainol” - then this option is worth considering. By the way, I’ll say in advance that I already bought Ainol Venus (I, however, got a little cheaper than 5 thousand rubles).

    She really lacks GPS, but in a familiar workshop, when parsing, we found there an unconnected GPS receiver, so theoretically, when you buy an adapter for 20 bucks, you can also connect GPS.

    The speaker also amazed me - it sounds very high quality and loud.

    Note: There are two versions of Venus - regular and Lite. In the photo and video, the Lite version and it can be distinguished by the back cover: there are diamonds instead of circles. But there are differences in the guts - in the Lite version, the processor is at 1000 MHz, and not at 1500. I did not hold the usual version in my hands, but I can say that the light version works very quickly.

    Nevertheless, specifications:

    OS: Android 4.1 without add-ons
    Processor: Cortex A9, 4 cores, 1500 MHz or 1000 MHz (Lite version)
    Video processor: Vivante GC1000
    RAM: 1 GB
    Internal memory: 16 GB
    Support for memory cards: microSDHC
    Cameras: 2 MP base, 0.3 MP front
    Dimensions: 186x127x11 mm (LxWxD)
    Weight: 320 g
    Screen: TFT IPS 7 '1280x800
    Battery capacity: 4000 mAh


    - Price (about 5 thousand rubles) 
    - Connector for SD-card and HDMI
    - HDMI-wire to the kit
    - 4-core processor
    - Nice design and lightness


    - No Bluetooth
    - Case crunches a little
    - Plastic (not glass) screen protection

    General conclusions:

    I spent about 2 weeks with both tablets, and I'm so used to Venus that I decided to keep it for myself. It is cheap and has a cool design. Spark is also good, but I'm not used to 10-inch tablets at all. In addition, Android 4.1 on Spark slowed down a bit, but the manufacturer itself announced that an update would be released in the next couple of weeks to fix all the flaws.

    In general, Ainol shows the level, once again proving that the price may not affect the quality.

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