Quite an interesting replacement for a standard terminal

    The Enlightenment community has released a new version of its terminal emulator, Terminology. Details under the cutter

    In addition to the standard functions for a regular terminal, it has:
    - viewing PDF, video, vector and bitmap files directly in the terminal window
    - supporting tabs (not quite classic)
    - setting the appearance (wallpaper, color scheme, transparency, fonts and pr)
    - support for dragging text / links (very relevant function, at least for me)
    - url, file paths, soap addresses will be highlighted as links
    - built-in content viewing by link
    - supports both X11 and Wayland
    - adapted for the touch interface (apparently a tribute to samsung for financial support of the Enlightenment project)
    - rendering both due to OpenGL and OpenGL-ES2 (not necessarily a requirement, just as an option)
    - multibuffer
    - supports most rvtx and xterm escape sequences + Xterm extensions
    - and much more ...

    Terminology is developed on the basis of the EFL toolkit and only needs EFL and libc libraries to work, while it uses a minimum of dependencies and supports the operation of the fbcon framebuffer.

    Some commands:

    tyls - a list of files and folders with
    typop previews - viewing the image in a small window, you can also just click
    tycat - also viewing the image only directly in the terminal
    tyq - adds the image to the queue of the typop tybg
    command - changes the background to supported multimedia content (pictures, video, gif-animation)
    tyalpha - with the values ​​on / off turns on and off the transparency of the background

    there are apparently other commands, but I haven’t found yet

    Keyboard shortcuts:

    Shift + PgUp - Scroll page up
    Shift + PgDn - Scroll page down
    Shift + Insert - Paste from clipboard (Ctrl + V / C)
    Shift + Keypad-Plus - Increase font size
    Shift + Keyboard-Minus - Decrease font size
    Shift + Keypad-Multiply - reset the font size (default size is 10)
    Ctrl + PgUp - From change focus to the previous terminal window
    Ctrl + PgDn - Change the focus to the next terminal window
    Ctrl + Shift + T - Creates a new terminal window
    Ctrl + Shift + Home - Move between terminal windows
    Ctrl + Shift + PgUp - Divides the terminal horizontally
    Ctrl + Shift + PgDn - Divides the terminal vertically
    Alt + Home - Command Interpretation Mode
    Alt + Return - Paste the first selection
    Ctrl + Shift + C - Copy the current selection to the clipboard
    Ctrl + Shift + V - Paste the current selection from the clipboard

    Mouse control:

    Right mouse button - setup menu
    Middle mouse button - Paste choosing the clipboard
    left mouse button = selected e
    scroll wheels - scrolls up or down
    Ctrl + Wheel = Increase / decrease font

    Yes, I almost forgot to install Terminology in any working environment of Gnome 3, Unity, XFCE, KDE and any Niks OS, but judging by the version it’s still not very stable, so we put it at our own peril and risk.

    For Ubuntu, put it like this:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa: hannes-janetzek / enlightenment-svn
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install terminology

    Here is the AUR for Arch Linux
    Raw materials are searched here

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