Lionel Messi was able to score a goal to the robot only from the fourth time - video

    Japanese television published a video in which the Barcelona striker and the only owner of 4 Golden Goals Lionel Messi in history tries to score a goal for a special robot playing the role of a goalkeeper.

    The goalkeeper robot is a roughly device-styled device with a camera mounted in the center of the gate in their target range on a special axis that allows the robot to rotate from one goal post to another. In fact, the gate defense looks like a tilt of the robot’s plane to the left or right, depending on the direction and angle of flight of the ball.

    Nevertheless, despite the primitiveness of the “defense” and the fact that the robot was protecting not standard football goals, but much Already (however, Messi was much closer than 11 meters), the best football player in the world managed to hit the goal only four times, having deceived the robot about help feint.

    The video (rather long - 11 minutes) shows that Messi beat four times. The first time he just missed - the ball flew near the goalpost, the second slammed into the left cross (the robot reacted, however, qualitatively), the third - the robot hit the ball’s trajectory, but it simply “didn’t have enough growth” to stop it, but in the fourth once Messi deceived the electronics with a feint - in slow motion it is clearly visible that the robot first jerked in one direction, and only then in the other - right above the ball flew into the top three.

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