Virality in games

    Virality is an important thing for any project.
    But how exactly do you implement it? Are there any of your personal ways, finds, secrets?
    Let's share)

    I'll tell you about my little invention - “Share or dare”, which seems to have worked pretty well in our Tap Deathmatch: Zombies!
    The game is the second day in the top 10 arcades of Russia, although all PR activism has stopped a day before this event, which is hidden for us.

    So, Share-or-dare. The essence is simple: we offer the user to receive one of the bonuses by completing a small but difficult task. In our case, you need to tap the button at a certain speed for exactly 20 seconds. Or, as the name implies, share and receive a prize immediately. Well, players who have successfully completed the task are invited to boast of the fact of success.

    But with this scheme, unfortunately, Apple turned us around: you can only open new functionality with game mechanics or iAP.
    At first, of course, this upset us very much, but after scratching our beards a bit, we figured out how to please everyone. And it turned out even better:

    We increased the task time to 30 seconds, and for each share in one of the social networks, of which there are 3 in our game (vKontakte, Facebook and Twitter), this time is reduced by 8 seconds.


    It turned out great: Apple missed the application in the AppStore, users like to get free functionality for themselves, we are happy - the number of shares, I think, is not bad.


    For 5500 users, there were a total of 337 shares - about 6%.
    Compared with another viral mechanism - a share of the result of the battle - the difference is 10 times.

    Do you think these numbers are normal? Unfortunately, I have nothing to compare with.

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