As I wrote to SCADA. Part five

    Good nights to all the current and Friday morning to everyone who starts working day on Friday with Habr ...
    Again I am.
    So, I got out, or rather, a bit snatched an hour from sleep on the topic: you need to write a little (and with selfish intent too) how things are and how it goes on in general with my development. For those who are not in the topic, further links to previous articles:
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    Well, and who is already in the subject - continue.

    Again it disappeared, but my loss was not due to exhaustion of topics to continue the dialogue, but for the most part due to the fact that I began to miss 24 hours for all things, and for some reason there are more and more of them around my development.
    Briefly close-up, and then a bit more detailed:
    1) The system went into the “working” stage, by which I mean: it began to save and really saves the experience of those who got stuck with them according to the ... glands in the marketing tricks of branded manufacturers of skad -systems. Already the third system in 1 year! And this is just the beginning ...
    2) My department has not been working on brands for the second year already - we are already sitting tight on my development and my engineers are only happy about this. Honestly, I love the fire in the eyes of an engineer when he sees that he is working on a result and that he can manage this result, and is not in a state of an extreme and dependent consumer. They are especially warmed up by the fact that we are working for the real needs of the market, and not for marketing bullshit, so that it is easier to vparivat something to someone and do not care for what.
    2) I still started to develop the next version of the scada for new technologies. Of the current users of the system to whom I showed my prototypes I heard only one question: “When?”.
    3) The year 2013 began and continues in continuous somersaults of the circus Du Soleil.
    4) In April I have an exhibition. One of the companies that worked with me earlier offered its stand at the exhibition for mutual PR: I make a demo stand for them based on my scad, and they give me their own platform for PR and advertising.
    5) I am already invited by large companies in the person of their generals to "talk" and I return home with contracts in my pocket in volumes of average 10 lyam just for the fact that their engineers liked me first because they worked and tried my skad and now the leadership is teasing with the words "we want it." It's funny, but the whole thing now needs to be handled competently, and my company, looking at all this, decided that it was time to put the "daughter" on the rails. What now along the way and doing too. I want to make competent production, development and support with system integration, it's worth it.

    Now a little about the work. I want to summarize slightly the past and current years: today, on the basis of my scud, two serious objects have already been launched and are working:
    1) for 8500 I / O points with the following functions:
    - hot backup of servers with a system recovery time of no more than 30 seconds
    - dynamic switching of workstation AWP between servers and diagnostics of network equipment by the quality of communication channels. By the way, this feature made it possible to show that we are not camels, and modern IT companies make decisions very badly. There was even a precedent at the facility when the system simply lay down tightly due to network equipment, and only with logs in hand I could prove that not a camel
    - dynamic provision of functions and information depending on the access rights of operating personnel with registration of all their actions in a single system log with subsequent reports on diagnostics by AWP and action
    - preliminary buffering of data from controllers so that the system can work even in full “down” ( only the PLC and USO), and then provide the user after the restoration of all the logs and log files as it behaved, and what to do with it until it worked and it handles rape
    - time synchronization marks and all nodes on a single timestamp system with quality better than 20 ms on all nodes and equipment. I used the SNTP standard, and for WinCE I even had to develop my own SNTP standard, which was able to provide an acceptable error quality.
    - pairing up to 30 subsystems of third-party manufacturers within the framework of one ACS

    Now, for almost a year of operation of this system, its archives of technological parameters reach approximately 40-50 Gigabytes of data on the archive server, and logs, trends and reports generated by the system on request are quite calm with them operational staff.

    By the way, I already passed a serious commission on “state acceptance” through this system - many serious uncles poked her, wrote many comments, which basically fell into the category of “cosmetic” improvements. So, for me, even something like an internal ego was when I was told that the system looks very good and can compete quite seriously at the level of world brands.
    No wonder I tried, and we are still trying.

    2) to 24500 I / O points with the following functions:
    - pairing of the bottom-end equipment of the project with the top-level system based on WinCC
    - algorithmic processing of network exchange transactions between my scada and the S7-400 controller from Siemens over the Ethternet network (on average, it leaves 24500 points about 800ms without much strain on the exchange cycle (although I had to sweat a little to make such a chip in my skad.) The controller translates the signals from my system in WinCC into the Profibus / ProfiNet protocol.

    3) About 3 third-party developers knocked, took the system and really implemented projects for third-party customers, but they were not very large in terms of points, but they were really significant for me. The main thing is feedback, people liked it, albeit with the jambs, which I quickly ruled. But, unlike brands, I listened, listened and made corrections, but did not write unsubscribe ...

    Literally 2 weeks ago, they informed about another “priest” - and now, waving a scuda-man’s cloak right now, my engineer is sitting at an object that implements the shortest time in super-duper: alone he makes and runs a project on the basis of my scad almost 5,000 I / O points right at the facility in 3 weeks. Already 2nd ends and the results are quite positive. Before us, they tried to do it for 1 year with forces far exceeding the current capacities in head-human-hands. But, most importantly, that the head-hands of people from the right places grow, then everything can be done ...

    A little crumpled and messy, but it’s true that I want to sleep for a day already, but there’s still much ahead, but it’s so interesting that it’s a pity to waste time to sleep ...

    PS As for the exhibition - a little later I will post the info here, it will be held in April of this year (from the 15th to the 18th) so everyone who wants to meet with me personally and just talk with me, feel my system (not me ), discuss - come! I will only be glad. :)

    UPDATE: Here are links to invitations from a company that will shelter me at your booth: Booth

    address: All-Russian Exhibition Center, Pavilion 75, B335, Hall B.

    We will demonstrate a small installation for inflating balls with functions for interacting with a video surveillance system .

    There is the coordinates of their stand there, so come and chat live, and I will show my development in business and in general.

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