Online School for Application Development for Windows 8. Week # 1

    Hurrah! The school began its work on April 1 - and the first part of the educational process will last until mid-May. The course has enrolled more than 4,500 students. Currently, we have recorded and posted the first block of lectures, tests and assignments for laboratory work. You can join the course at any time, but the duration of the course is limited.


    We recorded and posted the first block of lectures. Let me remind you that the lectures are conditionally divided into four tracks: general-introductory, design, xaml + c # and html + js.

    Lectures in C # and JS are more or less synchronized with each other, but may differ in content due to the peculiarities of solving the same problems in different programming / markup languages.

    They tried to improve the quality of the recording - now the dialed code should be visible.

    Laboratory works

    In the first lab (also duplicated in C # and JavaScript), we deal with templates, add external data and learn to check the Internet through the WinRT API. We will also find out why a manifest is needed and how to add a Privacy Policy.

    In the near future, it should be possible to confirm the completion of laboratory work with a screenshot of the current state of the application.

    Online consultation

    Along the way, with the launch of the course, Intuit moved to a new engine, now within the framework of the course you can ask questions and share your opinion about lectures and other aspects of the course. We will try to regularly answer questions on the case :)

    Also, as promised, we will periodically do online meetings with lecturers, in which we will try to answer all your questions.

    Upcoming online meeting

    The next meeting will take place this Thursday, April 4, at 16: 00-17: 30 (Moscow time).

    To join the online meeting, you must install the Microsoft Lync 2010 Attendee client ( ).

    To connect, use the following link:

    Join by phone: +74999269009 (Russia, Moscow) or +74956412638 (Russia, Moscow)
    Conference ID: 733452788

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