FailOver Conference April 4 - free online broadcast

    FailOver Conference will be held tomorrow, April 4! We ourselves are waiting for this event with great impatience, because work on the program has already been completed and only the most “delicious” has got into it! :-)

    The hottest special offer for those who cannot attend in person is the free online broadcast of the entire event !

    You can not only see all the reports, but also ask questions of interest via twitter with the hashtag #failoverconf.

    This requires just a little bit - register for an online broadcast .

    And under the cut, we will talk about the most interesting, in our opinion, reports!

    A rare difference between our event and purely technological conferences is that we will try to count on live examples how much the site owners cost their downtime, evaluate all the risks, indicate not only obvious losses, but also those that you may never have thought about.

    The ongoing debate in recent years - which is more reliable, "cloud" or "iron"? We specifically called two prominent representatives of the “iron” and “cloud” hosting providers (Yuri Ustinov from Rusonix and Nikolai Dvas from in order to “first-hand” learn all the pros and cons of different approaches. And, perhaps, together find out that "the truth is somewhere nearby."

    What serious site can do without a database now? And which database can be considered fault tolerant if it does not use replication? Konstantin Osipov, one of the well-known and recognized experts in the world of MySQL, will talk about new replication features in the new version of MySQL 5.6.

    The way the site is “firmly on its feet” depends not only on the infrastructure on which it is hosted, but also on a huge mass of other things: well-written code (about it - in the report of Ilya Pyatin), proper operation (Do you have a system monitoring? It doesn’t matter “yes” or “no” - be sure to listen to the report of Alexander Serbul about monitoring systems - you will learn something new), clear principles of development and project updates (Denis Mitrofanov will talk about Continuous Integration).

    What to do if on the site, after all, not only something “fell”, but also “disappeared”? Data loss is a disaster! But life will become a little calmer after Dmitry Sizikov’s presentation about everything related to backups: mysqldump, Percona Xtrabackup, mysqlhotcopy, LVM, bacula, ZFS and many, many other scary words. But the most important thing is when and why they should be applied. Perhaps one of the most detailed and interesting stories about backup systems.

    The less load on the site - the easier it is for him to live. We will learn not only about how to reduce the load in normal conditions (Vitaly Gavrilov's report), but also about how to repulse attackers who decided to organize a DDoS attack on your project - how to deal with this scourge will tell Alexander Krizhanovsky.

    The full program with abstracts can be viewed on the

    And - see you tomorrow!

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