Boosting on Java-hardcore: Free broadcast of the Joker 2016 track without cuts

    Joker 2016 will begin tomorrow, and we are looking forward to the moment when almost a thousand Java developers gather under one roof. Although this time you can touch the beautiful from under thousands of roofs: for the first time in the history of the Group, we are doing an open live broadcast of one of the conference tracks! Without cuts and SMS. We warn you right away: we will post the video recordings, as before, somewhere six months after the conference, so if you are interested, you need to watch tomorrow or the day after tomorrow online! How to do this, what reports will be broadcast openly, what to do if you want to see all the reports, and why we do all this at all - read under the cat.

    We didn’t waste time on trifles and decided that if you open access, then to the “pulp” itself: the biggest and most popular track will be broadcast. However, we will not spread our thoughts on the tree, let's just see the broadcast schedule:

    October 14

    October 15th

    What do you think about this? Pulling into a separate conference, right? And during breaks you can watch live interviews with speakers. But this is only one tenth of the Joker program. However, let's take a closer look at the limitations:

    • Since the broadcast is free, it is provided on an as is basis : although we are confident that everything will be fine, but if something happens, do not blame me!
    • There will be no videos. That is, they, of course, will be, but only for conference participants who left feedback. And for everyone else, we will traditionally lay them out in half a year, closer to JPoint 2017.
    • You will not be able to watch what happens in other rooms. And there will be many interesting things . But if you still decide that you need access to the full broadcast, you can register and pay for the full online participation , immediately receiving a link with full authorization.

    Well, a little about the technical side: for viewing you need a device with the ability to play html5 (mobile phones are supported) and a good Internet broadcast will be in FullHD (although the quality can be reduced).

    The broadcast will begin tomorrow, October 14, at 10:00 Moscow time . To join, you will need to follow this link , select the second room , leave your name and email address, after which you can immediately start viewing. Yes, there is no strict limit on the number of participants, so call your colleagues and friends. PS We collect email addresses in order to later find out your opinion about the broadcast and offer to follow us on social networks.

    UPDATE: New broadcast link:

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