Electrum: Light Bitcoin Client

    Due to the events on the exchanges, only the lazy did not read about what Bitcoin is, but many not only read, but also wanted to buy a “piece of happiness” in the hope of further growth of the currency.

    But many people lost their desire after they found out that for the work of the original wallet to download about 9GB of data.

    Fortunately, there is an alternative to the "native" client - Electrum.

    The difference between Electrum and the original client is that it does not need to download the entire block chain for its operation , the client downloads only the data necessary for its operation, and this is about 100MB , which is significantly less than 9 GB, which the original client requires.

    After the first launch, the client will offer you to create a new wallet or restore the old one:

    Then he will offer to select the initialization server (Without it, the wallet will also work, but in this way you will find feasts)

    Now you will be prompted to copy or remember the sequence of words:

    Using them you can restore purse Electrum'e

    that's all, the client is installed and ready to conduct operations

    , but the most enjoyable part of the client - a minimalistic interface:

    to summarize, we can say that Electrum - the perfect purse for those ho is to have at Bitcoin'y while storing them locally and not on web services.

    You can check the operation of the system by receiving free bitcoins on these sites:

    Official Electrum Client

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