Announcement: Denis Kortunov and Yegor Gilev from Turbomilk will hold a design school as part of DevCon 2013


    Dear software developers and developers!

    On behalf of the DevCon 2013 team, I am pleased to announce at the conference the design school
    “Design of interfaces for non-designers” from design experts and founders of Turbomilk studio
    Denis Kortunov and Yegor Gilyov .

    Want to know more about modern app design? Want to understand what the work of the user interface designer and UX consists of? Are you interested in current trends in how the user interface interacts? Then the design school from Denis Kortunov and Yegor Gilev will be extremely useful for you!

    School purpose

    The work of a UI designer does not make sense without developers who implement the interface. But often, designers and programmers do not understand each other.

    The main goals of the school:

    • To introduce conference participants to the basics of interface design
    • To consider the main problems of interaction between designers and developers and ways to solve them
    • Talk about modern trends and ways of interacting with the user interface

    School lecturers


    Egor Gilyov

    Co-founder of Turbomilk design studio. Icon and interface designer with ten years of experience. Winner of the 2004 Pixelpalooza Icon Design Contest. Time management evangelist, author of the SnailRider blog.


    Denis Kortunov

    Co-founder of Turbomilk design studio. Has been involved in website and interface design for over 13 years. In the past, it had the status of Microsoft MVP in the direction of Expression. Organizer of the annual " Festival 404 " in Samara.

    School program

    Within the framework of the design school “Interface Design for Non-Designers”, three master classes will be held at DevCon 2013, each lasting 1 hour:

    • Windows Phone Application Interface: How Easy It Is to Make
    • Application interface for Windows 8: work on bugs (aliens)
    • UX design: creating an interface for living people

    All school participants will receive decals.

    About DevCon 2013

    The DevCon conference has been held for several years and has already managed to fall in love with Russian developers and guests from other countries. The key feature of this series of conferences is its suburban format, the venue is carefully selected from the best resorts in the Moscow Region. At the same time, all participants of the conference call in to a country holiday home and live in it for two days of the conference, receiving all the pleasant advantages of these places.

    The key themes for DevCon 2013 will be:

    • Modern client applications
    • Mobile development
    • Cloud computing
    • Software Development and Lifecycle Management Tools
    • Development Technologies and Programming Languages
    • Development, monetization and promotion of applications for application stores
    • Microsoft Modern Design
    • Corporate development, data processing

    In addition, conference participants will have unique access to various learning activities outside the main program:

    You can read more about the DevCon 2013 conference in this announcement or on the official website .

    Registration for the conference is already open ! Tickets are on sale fast. Hurry to take your places!

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