Festo developers create a dragonfly robot (video)

    Today I came across the interesting news that the developers of Festo created a unique robot-dragonfly that really looks very much like its natural prototype. At first, I even decided that this was another April Fool’s techno-draw (the abundance of these draws on the pages of it-resources is tiring today). But no, the robot is quite real. Moreover, in flight it is difficult to distinguish it from an ordinary dragonfly.

    True, the size of the robot is about 44 centimeters, so if you evaluate the robot’s flight not by video, but in real conditions, it will immediately become clear that this is not an insect. The design used the now fashionable carbon fiber. Well, the robot’s “autopilot” is a special ARM chip.

    And yes, the model is called BionicOpter.

    Here is the video itself:

    By the way, the dragonfly robot is capable of doing up to 20 wingspan per second, which is enough for a smooth flight. And you can control the robot from a smartphone with the appropriate software, no special control panel is required.

    Earlier, experts from Festo were already surprising with their projects like a robot-gull, about which there was relevant news on Habré.

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