Fuel - the smallest emergency charger in the world

    Each of us, probably, was in a situation where, to make the necessary call, search for something on the Web, there was literally not enough crumbs of charge. Just about to come sms from the bank, or you almost found the right house on Google Maps, and that's it, the device is cut down. For such cases, they came up with the so-called "emergency" chargers, which are designed to quickly recharge the battery. One of these devices is Fuel - the smallest “charger” in the world.

    Despite its size, this mini-battery can charge your phone / device for active use for 20-30 minutes. Moreover, the dimensions of the device are so small that it can be worn instead of a keychain. The device is currently on Kickstarter, where in a short time it has collected 17 thousand US dollars out of 20 required to start production. And until the end of the training camp there was still 24 days left, so the developers will obviously collect much more than they intended.

    Inside, Fuel, as you would expect, is a miniature battery, a 220mAh Li-ion battery. For most devices, this charge is enough to replenish 7-10% of the charge of its own battery. There are three LEDs to indicate progress.

    The case of the device is made of aluminum, so you can not be afraid of the destruction of the case directly in your pocket (what you would expect if the case was made of not very high-quality plastic).

    There is, however, one thing - probably, older models of devices (plus the iPhone) cannot be charged without adapters. The fact is that the connection port here is Micro-USB. But now almost all smartphones come with such a connector, so for 90% of modern communicators / phones this emergency charging is suitable.

    And yes, the cost of the device will be $ 24.99 + shipping. Not so little.

    Via kickstarter

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