Advanced Active Directory Services WS2012 - Information from Ex-Microsoft Architect

    Alexey Kibkalo continues to share secrets! We offer to watch a webinar recording.

    The following topics were covered in two hours:

    • What's new in the methods of implementing Active Directory
    • Automating the deployment of WS2012 controllers in the forests of WS2003 and higher
    • Deploying from saved copies and defragmenting the database
    • Active Directory virtualization scripts
    • Optimal deployment scenarios for private and public clouds
    • Changes in the Active Directory platform
    • Linking accounts with Microsoft ID
    • New security aspects
    • Recycle Bin
    interface • PowerShell History Viewer
    interface • Interface for Fine-grained password policies
    • PowerShell topology and replication management cmdlets
    • What is Dynamic Access Control
    • How Active Directory OS activation services work
    • What's new in Kerberos: Armoring and Constrained Delegation
    • What is Group Managed Service Accounts
    • New in LDAP management

    Because I opened the webinar, then with the permission of the author Akibkalo , I post it. But the author’s comment will be the first, so with questions - welcome.

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