Evernote 5 for Android: New Shooting Modes, Moleskine Smart Notebook Support, Shortcuts and Document Search

    We are pleased to present the new version (5.0) of Evernote for Android. With this update, the application has received new shooting modes, support for Evernote Smart Notebooks, premium document search capability and much more. Below we look at these and other new features in more detail.

    In addition, our partners - the Indinotes.com online store offered a discount on Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebooks for our users. About it also further.

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    New shooting mode

    The new burst option allows you to create multiple shots in a row and save them in one note. If any photo fails, simply remove it from the list before saving.

    Camera for documents
    Now, photographing a document or recording on paper, you can enable a new shooting option on the screen. This is a camera for documents, it works similarly to a scanner. Just activate this mode and you can digitize paper documents and handwritten notes and add them to Evernote. To do this, capture the document in a rectangle on the screen of your device and take a picture.

    The application will determine the borders of the sheet, remove shadows and adjust the contrast of the image, after which a photo will appear in your Evernote account, adapted for recognizing handwritten and printed text using our service. Then the photographed documents and records will be indexed and will be searchable, as well as regular text notes.

    Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

    With your Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook, your document camera is especially useful.

    Each page of a notebook has dots instead of lines. When shooting with a document camera, Evernote uses dots to align the image and adjust contrast. As a result, you get bright and clear pages with notes and drafts. We optimized the notebook for handwriting recognition to ensure that all notes are searchable.

    Smart Stickers
    Each notebook Evernote Smart Notebook comes with a set of color "smart" stickers in the back pocket. If you stick a sticker on a notebook page and then photograph it with a document camera, we recognize the sticker and assign a new label or notebook to the new note. In the application settings, you can configure “smart” stickers for yourself.

    Notebooks and 10%
    off Moleskine’s Evernote Smart Notebook is currently available in small and large sizes and comes in two types of paper (ruler and squared). In addition, each notebook contains a special code to activate a premium subscription for 3 months.

    We are also pleased to announce that our friends from the Indinotes.com online store offer a 10% discountMoleskine Smart Notebooks for Evernote users. In order to take advantage of the offer, when ordering a notebook, do not forget to enter the promotional code EVER-MOLE-ANDR-13 .

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    Evernote for Mac users already know about shortcuts. And today we first realized this feature in a mobile application. Shortcuts let you quickly jump to notes, notepads, and tags you work with most often. To create a shortcut, open the shortcut panel by dragging your finger from the right edge of the screen when viewing a list of notes, notebooks or tags, as well as when viewing a single note.

    Evernote shortcuts sync across platforms. If you have already created shortcuts on Mac, now they will appear on Android, and vice versa.

    New Premium Feature: Document Search

    Now, with every search query, premium users will receive suitable results from the documents, spreadsheets and presentations in your account created in Microsoft Office and iWork that are available in your account. Saving such documents to Evernote has become even more useful.

    Recall that premium users can also search in scanned PDF files.

    Please note that when attaching a new office document to a note in Evernote, the application will need several minutes to process and synchronize before you can see the search results.

    New at Evernote Business: Tag Support

    Evernote Business users will be pleased to know that in this update we have added support for business tags. When viewing tags, you can filter business tags and edit tags assigned to entries in business notebooks.

    Redesigned Design

    We revised the list of notes to highlight each note and make it more convenient for selection and viewing. We also redrawn all the icons in the application, making them more visual. The new Evernote for Android has improved due to many small details, small improvements and improvements.

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