Sony Smartwatch, 7 dream apps


    The other day, an update was released for the Sony Smart Watch, and I, like probably the majority of owners of this device, decided once again to look in the Google market to find interesting, and most importantly useful applications for watches. The author of the update review said that there are already about 200 applications, which made me very happy, and I rushed to view everything. But, having spent more than one hour, I eventually installed only one, which in the end I was still partially disappointed. Are there really no applications that can really unlock the potential of the “Clock - Phone” bundle? After all, it was their absence that forced me to abandon this watch a couple of weeks after the purchase. Or is the very principle of such a bundle in real life unpromising and suitable only for checking twitter from a watch? Having asked these questions, as a designer (from the word design - to design), I decided to arrange a small brainstorm on the topic “Applications that can unlock the potential of the SmartWatch + Phone bundle”.

    7 dream applications (mine)

    The most interesting options for potential applications (in my opinion) that work in the best possible way in a pair of watches + phone.


    Probably everyone on the habr heard about smart alarms (and someone even bought it) that recognize the phases of sleep and ring at the most favorable moment for awakening. Why not use Smartwatch for this purpose? I understand that an accelerometer or something like this is present in the watch, since there is a version of the watch in the new firmware that turns on when you turn your hand. Plus I met the Level application for the same watch. So:


    We use GPS in the phone, calculate the speed and display it on the clock screen, which in turn act as a bicycle computer.


    I recently read a sad story about wireless headphones, in which a person found out that his phone was stolen only after the subway car left the station and the headphones suddenly stopped working. The following application is on this topic:

    As far as I understand, by the strength of the transmitted bluetooth signal, can I calculate the approximate distance from the clock to the phone?


    Everyone probably had occasions when I just wanted to take a picture against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape or the ruins of a building, but nobody was near, and a photo on an outstretched arm is not an option at all! Then the following application would definitely be useful to you:

    The only application I installed does almost the same thing, but the clock does not show what gets into the frame until the time of shooting.


    Soon the end of the school year, and this application will be relevant, because almost everyone who studies has exams whose purpose is not clear, the essence is not clear, but passing is required:


    It's a pity there is no microphone in the watch, then it would be possible to look like 007, reporting something with a smart look on the dial. And so - only through the headset or the phone itself.


    Well, how can it be without games?

    There were also ideas of interaction in the opposite direction, that is, not controlling the phone through the clock, but rather controlling the clock through the phone, such as: a) calling the vibration - put the watch without a strap on the girl, for example, under the seat, and then scare him, starting the vibration from the phone, but considering that the buzzing is the same as that of the phone, most likely it won’t be scary, but there will be a long search for the vibrating phone “although mine is in my hands”; b) showing the picture on the watch’s screen - but it never came up with why. Except maybe a wrist mini photo frame. But beyond delusions such a direction of study did not lead anywhere.

    That's actually all I wanted to tell. Each of these applications, whether it was on the Google market, I would personally install and feel the joy of using Sony SmartWatch. But they are not there ...

    PS: ideas are distributed for free use, in the hope that someone will implement them :)

    PPS: if you want to really implement the software side of applications, you can cooperate. For my part, I’m ready to seriously work on the visual part of applications (interface, icons, etc.), since now these are just quick outline concepts.

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