How browsers work: principles of modern web browsers

    Looking through one of the training video " School development interfaces " Yandex, I came across a reference to the work of the Israeli awesome web programmer Tali Garsiel ( Tali Garsiel ), " How work browsers " (how browsers work).

    For several years, she kept track of all published information about the internal structure of browsers, studied the source code of WebKit and Gecko, and, in the end, put it all together. Here is what Tali herself writes:
    When IE was installed on 90% of the computers, I had to put up with the fact that it was a mysterious black box, but now that more than half of the users choose open source browsers, it's time to figure out what is hidden inside them, in millions of lines of software C ++ code ...
    Scrolling, I was amazed - great job. The internal structure of browsers, parsing algorithms - everything is well illustrated, accessible and understandable. And without unnecessary details, pages 30-40. Just what you need. Decided - this must be translated. I rummaged a little more - it turned out the translation was already 1.5 years old!

    Perhaps for some people this has not been news for a long time, but I hope it will be useful for those who have not heard (I didn’t find any references on the hub)

    Under the cut is the content of the translation to decide whether to read.


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