Demopati in Helsinki "Assembly 2018" photo report, the first day

    Everything is the same as last year, only more and better. The festival of computer art that does not need to be presented. Dedicated to all those who really wanted to go, but could not.
    There are many photos under the cut

    Even before reaching the venue, there was already something to see: street street art. Last year, this was not. All the poddvorki in the circle of the trade fair center, where the event was held, were decorated here with such masterpieces.

    But not all graffiti was so positive and creative. From everywhere, we came across this art. Without a clue what's going on in the field of propaganda in Finland ... but graffiti, and art in general, always exalts; the artist shares the good and the depth of perception, subtly noticing and showing what others do not notice. And these caricatures ... can hardly be called street art in general. What kind of propaganda. And yet, to complete the report, I decided to show you:

    On the patio-tleys expected deserted. After all, this is the first day of the event, when everyone is just pulling computers. I already imagined seeing a bunch of schoolchildren unloading their monster cars and the neon gernd from the trolleybus. And the net, having come in the evening, we saw the already fully equipped hall. Unusually even. We did not even have time to start, but everything is already in place, everything is organized, everything is arranged, everything is hung ... oh ...

    This year the big screen in front of the big screen is especially huge. A lot of places for viewers who bought only an entrance ticket and came not to play, but to watch demos. There are really a lot of places:

    Among the stands and creative corners, a corner of the Finnish army is especially outstanding this year. They drove their waterfowl armored personnel carrier here.

    In addition to various tetris and old school computers (photos will be in the next report), there were various desktops. Including such a table hockey so familiar to a Soviet man. I beat some kind of finals in him ... when they reached the score 3-0, I realized that it was time to start to give in. It’s inconvenient to win at the home team ... but Fin capitulated, gave up and ran away. I shook his hand and thanked for the game.

    Well, this is how we will finish today's report with such a robot-war robot. Wait for the next issues. Tomorrow the first demos will go.

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