The Internet Defense League will notify about threats to the freedom of the Network, following the example of Batman

    This summer, the Internet Defense League (well, confused with the Internet Security League) has launched an emergency warning project about threats to network freedom in a typical way for the network - the distribution of information and symbols of the organization by automated means. In particular, an image of a black kitten with a psychedelic look was chosen as an attribute of the organization.

    It turned out that the imagination of the activists did not end there, but gradually grew into real life, and in a very spectacular way! The organization installed spotlights in San Francisco and New York and began broadcasting images on the clouds or walls of a tall building - a symbol of its organization, similar to the way Batman did in the Dark Knight series.

    Lafayette Avenue, New York

    A similar event was held in San Francisco against the backdrop of the famous bridge:

    League activists planned similar events in other cities of the world (in Europe it is London, and in Asia it is the Mongolian Ulaanbaatar):

    Moreover, if you think that your If a country or a city also threatens Internet freedom (similar to SOPA and PIPA laws ), the organization’s activists suggest writing to them at even if you don’t have enough funds, and, Apparently, a similar measure s will be held from you.

    Donate funds to the organization or otherwise support it here .

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