Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle complain about Google - that wants too many top-level domains

    The registration of generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD), which began last summer, has forced a number of large companies to become so active that the desire of some of them causes protests and complaints from other market players.

    So about a week ago, a number of publishing organizations were outraged by the fact that Amazon, the manufacturer of the most popular readers, intended to get top-level domains such as .book and .read . As a result, ICANN received a letter from the US Publishers Association stating that transferring such domains to the management of a private company would adversely affect competition and therefore was unacceptable.

    Now, in a similar story, only with much more serious participants, Google also got in, which applied for registration of a number of domains such as .search , .app , .earth , .car , .fly , .map , .cloud . As a result, the number of all domain names desired by the search giant has exceeded one hundred.

    The FireSearch organization, which includes companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Nokia, Expedia, and a number of others, published a letter to ICANN today, from which it follows that the activity of Google in the struggle for such a large number of domain names, many of which indicate very general concepts and have little correlation with the profile of the company, is simply unacceptable, because again it will lead to the monopoly of one company in many areas, which, in in turn, will lead to weakening competition in the market.

    As a result, ICANN is urging Google to refuse to obtain a number of the domains listed above, and even regardless of whether the search giant plans to use them in principle or not.

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