Pirate software was used to develop Patriot missile systems and Blackhawk helicopters

    A Kentucky scientist working on government orders was sentenced to 1 year and 1 day in prison on Monday for participating in a criminal software acquisition scheme, according to the San Francisco Chronicle .

    What is most noteworthy in this story is the company in which Wronald Best worked, the name of the convict, used this software to develop various parts of Patriot missile systems, as well as weather radar cathodes installed in Black Hawk military helicopters .
    “We have no reason to believe that the pirated software used could have any negative effect on the product,” said Assistant Attorney General Edward McAndrew.
    According to the prosecution, Best bought pirated software for more than $ 600,000 from a Chinese citizen Xiang Li (he faces 25 years in prison, will be sentenced in May). He also paid $ 6,000 to various Chinese and Russian sources for hacking protection systems for more than 60 types of industrial applications, the total cost of which is estimated at $ 2.3 million.

    Best's defense claims that he suffers from obsessive-compulsive personality disorder , which was the reason for his actions. “I have ... an insatiable thirst for knowledge and finding solutions to problems. I was forced to do this. This is the most honest explanation I can give, ”Best said in court.

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