Shooting the Matrix at home with 15 GoPro cameras

    The creator of Permagrin Films Studios, an amateur cinematographer Marc Donahue , using an array of 15 GoPro cameras, managed to turn ordinary photos of cycling or cooking into scenes similar to the Matrix movie.

    To get the effect of slow circular shooting, GoPro portable cameras are synchronized with each other. Due to the size of the cameras, they have so far failed to connect more than 15 cameras so that the extreme cameras do not fall into the field of view of the opposite ends. Perhaps in the future this will be solved by turning the camera 90 degrees.

    For guidance video, an additional camera is used, installed above the main array. Each camera costs about 400 dollars. But Mark received a full package for his project from the manufacturer for free, which immediately saved him $ 6 thousand.

    Not all scenes are perfect so far. So in the second minute the grass is a little “buggy”. Although, this can be interpreted as interference of the Matrix. The creators are now working to improve the speed of synchronous shooting.

    Converting 750 gigabytes of data takes about a day. Subsequent editing and assembly of the video are three more. Mark uses the Pluraleyes package to synchronize audio video .

    In an interview with Fstoppers, Mark said that he is currently working on the creation of the next music video.

    Via Mashable

    PS video looks better in HD on Vimeo or YouTube

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