Friday webinars: learning to program for free

    The theme of today's webinar collection is programming. As always, webinars are free, and the range of topics is quite wide: mobile development, Java, web development. Useful information in them can be learned as a novice programmer, and already an experienced coder.


    Master Class "Android Developer"

    The webinar helps to understand who the Android developer is and why programming under Android is interesting. Moreover, programmers in this area are in demand: there are a huge number of smartphones, tablets and other devices based on Android OS in the world, their number exceeded 5 billion. Accordingly, the need for good Android development specialists is also constantly growing.

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    Master Class "Mobile Developer"

    Here are the advantages of the developer of mobile applications for different operating systems. A webinar will help a novice developer to choose which mobile OS to work with - and what to prepare for himself if you have chosen iOS, Android or something more exotic. It's better to decide right away, so you can go into a specialization - and this is always better than being a jack of all trades.

    Master class "Java-developer"

    This is the third webinar module on the topic “Java-developer”. Webinar is led by the founder and CEO of SymbioWay, Daniil Pilipenko. His experience in mobile development is over five years, so he has something to share. Daniel talks about what a Java developer is, how long it takes to gain basic knowledge and experience, and how the development environment helps the programmer.

    Master class "Phyton-developer"

    Since we have touched on the topic of coding, it is impossible to forget about Pyhton, quite a popular direction to which this webinar is dedicated. Python specialists are needed, in particular, in such a popular area as Data Science. The deficit is so big that even beginners take it there. The second direction is Scrapping. Its representatives are engaged in writing search "spiders". But these are just two examples, there are much more real-life cases. As in other cases, the webinar is led by a developer with great experience.

    Master class "Web developer"

    We are closing today's topic with a master class that will make it possible to understand how you can become a web developer from almost nothing. Basics can be studied in just three months, the main thing is not to be lazy. In the future, professional skills must be constantly honed.

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