Will someone already release exclusively a “working” smartphone?

    I would like for some of the manufacturers to take the responsibility to have a line of smarts that carry on board a normal localized hardware keyboard, a large battery and a screen sufficient to display information (3.7 "-4.2"), and not a paddle for the sandbox. Well, from the filling at the moment it is something like 2 cores, 1GB of RAM, ~ 8GB of internal memory, wifi-3ge, etc.

    This concept is in some way the opposite of the one that is being implemented by all manufacturers of smartphones. I would like the emphasis not on the pretentiousness of the shell and the design of the case, but on the practicality of using the unit by people who need a “ditch worked” and “darn work”.

    And even if it will be in a matte black simple case with structured corners (hi Apple!), If only it would fit into your pocket and not wipe them from the inside. And ideally - also with the stock android and unlocked bootloader.

    And also, so that this line develops in the spirit of an Apple iPhone - not just a few modifications, but 1-2 models of a new generation, purely so that you can upgrade.

    PS: I work remotely as a system administrator, I have Sony Xperia Pro, I’m not very pleased with the performance, but I’m not ready to exchange the hardware keyboard for gigabytes and multi-core.

    Well, at least the topic was revealed. Judging by the number of “yes” in the vote, I am not alone.

    For those who, perhaps, did not understand me, I will specify. I want toofficial development line of smartphones for convenient and mobile administration.

    Form factor: Horizontal slider with a hardware localized keyboard
    Processor: ~ 2x1.5GHz
    Memory: 1-2GB
    Built-in application memory: ~ 8GB + microSD
    Screen: 3.7 "-4.2"
    Battery:> 2500mAh
    Wireless: WiFi, 2-3- 4G, possibly LTE (for versatility)

    Thick, not wide, minimalistic design device.

    To all those who spoke - thank you very much for the tips and links to the models, you may have to take some of the above.

    I would like clarification from the minusers for why the minuses, maybe I incorrectly formulated something, put it in the wrong direction, underexposed the topic, but never mind - I apologize and try not to make such shortcomings in the future.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you need a similar “working” smartphone?

    • 70.6% Yes, a simple handy tool is sorely lacking 507
    • 29.3% No, it's all overkill and geeky 211

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