Removing extra people from the video

    Specialists from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics developed a technology for the qualitative removal of extra people from a video shot with a moving camera. Such special effects used to be used only in Hollywood, but in the future the corresponding software will be available for any computer or smartphone.

    The program analyzes the sequence of video frames and calculates the pixels of a static background. After that, it changes the pixels in frames with an unnecessary object, borrowing the background from other frames. What is characteristic, the program competently copes with the restoration of shadows and reflections, as on mirrored floors.

    The scientific work describing the technology was presented at the European Conference on Computer Vision ECCV 2012. The new method is much more effective than previous developments. For example, a similar technology is used to delete objects in the Google Street View service (for privacy reasons), but the new method works much better. Comparison with one of the previous developments is shown in the illustrations.

    Like the Remove programa year ago, this technology can be used not only for editing videos, but also for removing unnecessary people in photos. The Remove program required that the camera take a dozen frames from a static position, from which all moving pixels are automatically deleted - and the final photo with static objects is generated. The new technology is able to calculate the background even from a moving camera, as shown in the demo.

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