Kaspersky Lab Office in Novosibirsk

    The Laboratory’s office in Novosibirsk is one of the first development offices outside the Moscow Ring Road (hello to St. Petersburg).

    The Novosibirsk branch occupies an important place in the development of the company's products and now has more than 20 people. The office is located in a cozy center on Kamenskaya 7, in the Hilton Class A business center .

    Centralized ventilation (air intake + exhaust), air conditioning, fire alarms with regular checks and individual gas masks, round-the-clock access to the building, spacious corridors, working fire exits, cleanliness and order in the building - all this has become familiar to us, but for many office buildings it’s easy fantasy.





    A place

    A transparent door at the entrance immediately leads to openness. Yes, we do not have an open space-anthill, but full-fledged rooms for teamwork.
    Doors in rooms are usually kept open. If the door is closed, this is done on purpose and means that a very important meeting is taking place, the interruption of which is extremely undesirable.


    The wardrobe is ordinary with a large mirror. Our girls love to look at him.



    Yes, many IT people love the convenience of work, which is expressed including slippers.


    Summer is not a specific place; it is the general condition of the office. The office is very green! Many flowers, trees and summer are always with us!



    What is in the Novosibirsk office of the Laboratory. Developer rooms.
    Separate small office for our beloved salespeople.


    - It’s the same room for tea, coffee, soft pear-chairs and the celebration of any interesting events.



    Mini server

    Mini - because the real server room is located in a specially designed place for this with the appropriate infrastructure.


    A computer with two monitors? Who will surprise you with this! But two computers with two monitors? This is already very good!


    There were a lot of questions in the comments, why so many monitors, and what is so interesting done exactly on this computer?
    I answer in order: For this computer, the development and debugging of drivers is done. And two iron computers are needed just in order to check and debug those moments that are not reproduced on virtual machines and are specific to the iron implementation. To the direct question - why do you need so many monitors? The owner of this miracle replied, "This is VERY convenient." On one Visual Studio monitor, on another, the program console under the debugger + log. The third is documentation. And on the fourth, there is always something to open. Yes, and no one canceled kernel debugging via com-port.
    By the way, here is one of the screenshots from those same monitors.

    And here is an article describing what exactly is being done here:
    Cjdthityyj ctrhtnyj /


    Of course have! A regular IP phone on every table. You can call anywhere!


    The company uses Microsoft Lync . (For the uninitiated, this is such Skype, integrated with mail, phone, telegraph and everything with which you can integrate)


    What language do we speak? In Russian of course! But English is also very welcome. For those who wish, English courses go right at the office!
    By the way, about learning. It is not limited to English only.


    While small, but it has very interesting specimens. For lovers of reading in English, there are also interesting English-language magazines.


    Lunch is simple - we have lunch at Beerman & Pelmen .


    Everyone loves sports! In our office there is a tennis table on wheels and a small (although not large) horizontal bar for lovers. Tennis is popular in the evening, so as not to disturb neighbors.



    Holidays we love and appreciate! And even sometimes we fasten the wheels on them to a Ferrari, and listen to live music in the head office! By the way, the thirteenth anniversary of the company was just great!


    Discover Secrets

    Novosibirsk division does not catch viruses. With what? We deal with data leak prevention ( DLP ) tasks with the full scope of approaches to solving these problems. From full disk encryption to intelligent data analysis techniques .
    What do we use for development? Of course, Visual Studio , version control? Team Foundation Server
    And for testing? Microsoft Test Manager ? (who still does not know what it is - I highly recommend watching).

    We also speak at conferences ...

    PS Ask questions - we will answer.

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