Instagram uses machine learning to remove fake subscribers.

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    Do not worry if in the near future notice a reduction in the audience on Instagram. The company announced the launch of tools for stripping the platform from bots and fake accounts, which may lead to a decrease in the number of subscribers.

    In June, a Facebook-owned company announced more than a billion users worldwide, and in a recent post, it outlined its plans to combat accounts with “unreliable activity”:

    “From today, we will begin to remove invalid likes, subscriptions and comments from accounts that use third-party applications to cheat popularity. We have created machine learning tools that will help find accounts using such services and remove any of their unreliable activities. ”

    Instagram will begin to notify its users about the removal of bots from the platform.

    In addition, Instagram will warn users who have provided access to applications that promise to cheat subscribers using bots. Such users will see a message that access to these applications has been canceled, and a password change is required.
    This announcement follows a recent Facebook report on the removal of 1.5 billion accounts from April to September.

    Instagram also removes advertising services that allow the purchase of fake subscribers.
    “The Community Rules also apply to advertising, therefore the promotion of spam activity (cheating likes, subscribers, etc.) is prohibited. So you are right, advertising promoting such services violates the rules. Feel free to report it if you see it, ”a statement to TechCrunch said .

    Instagress - a popular bot service for cheating likes and subscriptions on Instagram, was closed last year. But there are a large number of alternatives that promise “automatic” growth of your audience.
    Earlier this year, when Twitter began clearing bot accounts, a decrease in the activity of millions of users was reported. Is it time to make a bet, will cleaning on an instagram have a similar effect?

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