Link to the broadcast Slurm (intense by Kubernetes)

    Begins Slurm. Broadcast started.

    Topics of the day:

    9:15 Automation of infrastructure deployment. Ansible
    Basics, principles of operation, acceleration of ansiblya

    10:00 Docker, Docker fundamentals of practical work
    , its device, Dockerfile, docker-compose

    11:30 Introduction to Kubernetes, main components
    Introduction to k8s technology. Description, application, concepts
    Pod, ReplicaSet, Deployment, Service, Ingress, PV, PVC, ConfigMap, Secret

    13:00 Pause

    16:00 Introduction to Kubernetes: continuation
    Cluster device, main components, fault tolerance, k8s network - 1 hour

    17:30 Kubespray, tuning and tuning cluster Kubernetes
    Features of setting up servers Kubernetes
    Ansible, installation under Kubespray Deploying a
    cluster from Kubespray

    The event is alive. Schedule can swim.

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