Four street test: a comparison of Nobelic IP cameras for business

    We made a review at once on 4 outdoor security cameras from different price segments. Ruthlessly put the model on the street and connected to a single antenna, amplifying the signal of the mobile Internet.

    We often face the fact that employees of many Russian enterprises initially perceive video surveillance as an alien evil. At best, they want to leave everything as it is - AHD cameras 1 megapixel, DVRs (old ones, like the guard's joints) and a web of cables hidden under the plaster.

    What can be done here? For a start, let's look at what new cameras for business can make you happy. We took several cameras from the "golden mean". There will be no super-megapixel solutions when you can watch the life of insects in the grass with a crane. We will show only those cameras that are taken from us for small enterprises, gas stations, schools, car washes, summer houses, hotels, parking lots, etc.

    How to compare

    In recent years there has been a logical leap: cameras have become less significant, and software has come to the fore. It is useless to compare the convenience of the interface - in all the cameras with the integrated Ivideon service, the ergonomics of the video surveillance system allows you to use it equally quickly and comfortably (tested on humans). In these cameras, movement detection, mail and telephone notifications, etc. are organized in the same way, since all the possibilities are realized through the service.

    Additional “buns” in the set of outdoor cameras are usually not provided - the memory card / power cable comes with the “homemade” Nobelic / Oco2. The appearance of the cameras is standard for this class. Connection is identical (with one exception). |

    It remains almost the only criterion (except for the price) - image quality.

    Test models

    Nobelic NBLC-3130F-WSD with Wi-Fi

    The most simple and affordable outdoor camera for 6,700 rubles. For such a price, owners of small shops can get a ready-made security solution that controls a large enough area.

    It can be used not only in the street, but also indoors. Viewing angle 72 °, protection against moisture and dust according to IP67. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or via Ethernet.
    Working temperature: from -30 to +50 degrees Celsius - will survive on the European territory of Russia.

    The dimensions of the camera do not attract too much attention: 70 × 165 mm.

    Supports video recording on microSD memory cards up to 128 GB. That is, you can record for free on the card, and watch the archive through the application wherever there is internet.
    Through the Ethernet port, it can be connected to a computer and watch videos on any computer on the local network.

    The camera has a corridor mode, which allows you to view long narrow rooms of high quality: the model 3130F is conveniently located in the aisles between the racks in warehouses and other similar places.

    Nobelic 3130F is installed on any horizontal or vertical surface, and also fastens to the wall: the kit contains all the accessories for installation. Simplicity of installation and connection is another advantage for a small business, which can not be wasted on the installer.

    Nobelic NBLC-3430F

    Compact, powerful 4 megapixel outdoor camera, with dimensions similar to the previous model (70 × 165 mm). The camera body is IP67 standard. Working temperature is from -30 to +60 degrees Celsius. IR illumination up to 30 meters - the camera will capture a large part of the territory even at night when the watchman is already deeply asleep.

    The camera can be powered from PoE (over twisted pair) and from a 12-volt power supply - having a choice gives additional advantages: less trouble with the installation, and the camera is easier to rearrange.

    The resolution is two times higher than that of the Nobelic 3130F, the viewing angle is also larger, but the price has also increased - up to 11 990 rubles. For this money you must get a solution that you don’t want to change in a few years. Let's not forget that the camera is not a loss for the enterprise, but a tool for making money. It will be strange if the camera after some time seems outdated, will not be able to perform its functions, and, therefore, make a profit. Let's check this thesis further, at the testing stage.

    The interface, the local network connection, the transfer of rights to access the camera, the output of the broadcast to the public access, the full encryption of the video stream - all this is organized exactly, as in all other cameras of the Nobelic series. Every time we will not talk about it, but by default we mean.

    Nobelic NBLC-2430Fwith vandal protection

    The only dome camera in the review. In addition, this vandal-proof camera, which is an additional plus on the street. A drunkard throwing a bottle at the camera will not cause a local video catastrophe.

    The 4-megapixel model 2430F incorporates several noise reduction technologies, as well as a wide dynamic range technology, which allows to obtain a normal image in conditions of sudden changes in illumination.

    The camera can be powered from PoE (over twisted pair) and from a 12 volt power supply.

    Maintains temperature from-30 to +60 degrees Celsius; different slightly less modest size - 110 × 81 mm. But the camera is larger and the viewing angle becomes larger: 106 °.

    Nobelic NBLC-3230V-SD with a variofocal lens

    Varifocal lens allows you to adjust the focal length, thereby changing the viewing angles (99-37 °) and the scale of the selected viewing area. This allows you to look at different objects through the cloud interface. No need to go 100 kilometers to the camera to change the focus and see how the wagon unloads, which decided to park in a secluded place.

    The camera has a memory card slot, so you can enable local video recording on the Micro SD card.

    Nobelic 3230V-SD supports power over twisted pair, and it can also be powered from a 12 volt power supply.

    Camera dimensions: 90.4 × 213 mm. Survives the harsh conditions: from minus 40 degrees to plus 60.
    The price of the camera is 15,490 rubles - the maximum mark in the review, achieved by the lens and reliability. This amount is justified or not - check on the test.

    Table of the main characteristics

    ConnectionRecordResolutionViewing angleBacklight, mProtectionDimensions (mm)NutritionPrice, rub)
    Nobelic NBLC-3130F-WSDWi-Fi / EthernetCloud / Micro SD card / computer1280x96072 °Up to 30IP 67 70 × 165Twisted pair / 12 V6,700
    Nobelic NBLC-3430FPOECloud / Computer2688х152084 °Up to 30IP 6770 × 165Twisted pair / 12 V11,990
    Nobelic NBLC-2430FPOECloud / Computer2688x1520106 °Up to 30Ik 10110 × 81Twisted pair / 12 V11,990
    Nobelic NBLC-3230V-SDPOECloud / Micro SD card / computer1920x108099 ° -37 ° 52 ° -21 °Up to 30IP 6790.4 × 213Twisted pair / 12 V15,490

    Supported protocols: IPv4 / IPv6, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP / IP, UDP, UPnP, ICMP, IGMP, RTSP, RTP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, PPPOE, DDNS, FTP, IP Filter, QoS.

    Support for the ONVIF protocol will appear later, now in development.

    Compare image quality

    Nobelic NBLC-3130F: viewing angle 72 ° (horizontal), matrix resolution 1280x960.

    Nobelic NBLC-3430F with 4 megapixel 1/3 "CMOS matrix, shooting video with high resolution 2688x1520. Viewing angle 84 °.

    Nobelic NBLC-2430F with 4 megapixel 1/3 ”CMOS matrix, resolution 2688x1520. Wide viewing angle of 106 °.

    Nobelic 3230V-SD is equipped with a 2 megapixel 1/3 "CMOS matrix, which removes video in the resolution of 1920x1080. The viewing angle changes: horizontally 99 ° -37 °, vertically 52 ° - 21 °.

    A comparison of all the cameras at a distance of 8 meters with an 8-fold approximation.

    In the original resolution, if you do not zoom in on the image, the picture looks like this. The angle of each camera is noticeable.

    More differences between cameras becomes noticeable at a distance of 15 meters. We brought the picture 12 times. Nobelic 3230V showed a little worse result. The case when you need to look at the interface and correct the camera.

    Original picture from four cameras. The only camera from the review that gives a clear image beyond 18 meters is the Nobelic 3430F.


    Relatively low price does not always mean that the camera loses much in image quality - the Nobelic 3130F is worth less than the rest, but it’s great to hold on for the entire test distance. We can advise this camera to owners of small companies who want to get maximum opportunities for a limited budget.

    On the other side of the scale of possibilities, the Nobelic NBLC-3430F turns out - the camera wins due to the high resolution of 2688x1520 and proves that the number of megapixels is not always decisive (or equivalent). The camera is suitable for monitoring large open spaces.

    Only slightly behind the camera Nobelic NBLC-2430F- its resolution is the same as that of the 3430F, but the viewing angle is wider. Due to this, objects located in the center of the image seem a little less clear. But in the frame fits more details.

    The Nobelic 3230V-SD camera stands alone . With all the declared characteristics, the camera is demanding of the user. Requires customization for a specific application, but this can be done without much difficulty.

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