"Pirates of the Milk Sea" - the long-awaited novelty from Little Beetle

    Before offering a new software product to you and your children, Little Beetle was once again gathered in the office of young testers. This time, "Pirates of the Milk Sea" were tested - a new application that perfectly complements our palette of children's educational applications.

    We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the application itself and the report on its testing.

    We already talked about the fact that children are necessarily involved in testing our applications. In addition, the blog readers were told about the design and idea of ​​“Pirates of the Milk Sea” in a separate article. We still want to say a lot about “Pirates of the Dairy Sea”, but with words it is very difficult to convey the special atmosphere of the application, which the entire Little Beetle team worked on. To decide whether our application succeeded or failed, we provided the children.

    Boring and dull testing is not for us. To create a real pirate party, this time we even stocked up with props - hats that any pirate captain would envy. Children appreciated our idea and with pleasure passed testing without taking off their hats.

    The developers concentrated with utmost attention, watching the actions of the children. The photographer and cameraman were ready. And so, the journey has begun!

    So that children do not have difficulties with understanding the essence of tasks, we introduced tipsthat appear every time the child reaches an unfamiliar task. We made sure that all the tips are quite effective, and children do not need additional explanations.

    In total, the application has 13 unique mini-games that are aimed at developing and training logic, attention, memory, reaction speed, fine motor skills of hands and other important qualities that a brave pirate cannot do without. Conquerors of the seas are waiting for labyrinths, puzzles, puzzles, quests for finding treasures ...

    ... repelling the attacks of enemy ships and sea monsters, adventures in the cemetery and in the forest inhabited by giant mosquitoes. And this is far from all the tasks that await curious travelers. You can read more about mini-games here .

    This time, children of primary school age came to us, and they brought great benefit, because during the testing process we found out that some tasks are too difficult for the age of 6-7 years. Fortunately, we envisioned a change in difficulty levels that will open when the child completes the entire game. Nevertheless, it was decided to simplify some tasks.

    The children told us in detail which tasks they liked ( Octopus, Chest, Beach ), and which caused difficulties ( Anchor, Airship ). The task in which you need to count bananas, testers approved unanimously.

    It should be said that the application turned out to be “juicy” and rich, starting from detailed maps, where you can see a lot of funny details, and ending with thematic musical accompaniment (we never get tired of repeating that we pay great attention to high-quality sounds and pleasant music). First graders came prepared - they learned and told us rhymes on a pirate topic, which touched and terminated even the most gloomy programmers.

    Test participants made an invaluable contribution to the creation of "Pirates of the Milk Sea." Of course, they were not left without gifts and diplomas confirming them in the honorary title of “Young Tester”. You can see more photos from testing here .

    See video test report below.

    Download the Little Beetle Pirates of the Milk Sea app from this link .

    In our future plans, we are releasing a music-educational application and, of course, porting our software products to Android OS. Follow the news on our blog and on social networks . Stay with us!

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