New PHP extension under the old name: event

    In PELC, they somehow stopped supporting extensions for libevent . In particular, libevent version 2 was not supported by the libevent extension of the same name or the event extension (the last release was in 2004). Therefore, it was decided to rewrite the “event” extension, which had been lying around since 2004.

    Thus, event is an old extension in a new guise:

    • support for libevent 2.0.2-alpha and higher, including HTTP server, Event Listener , DNS resolver and OpenSSL, as well as some functions of buffers and “buffer events” that were not available in previous versions
    • new object oriented API
    • the ability to configure the necessary components (libevent_core, libevent_extra, libevent_pthreads, libevent_openssl) during installation

    The transition to the OO API is due to the fact that the original function names in libevent do not differ in particular beauty:



    In addition, a member of the core PHP team, Johannes Schlüter assured that resources almost do not benefit in performance compared to objects, and sometimes even lose. In general, recently there has been a tendency towards a transition to objects.

    Documentation . Examples are also in the Examples section.


    $ sudo pecl install event-beta
    $ sudo pecl install event

    The extension is being actively tested on Gentoo, Fedora, Ubuntu, and FreeBSD. While from time to time there is a need for corrections and additions, the code is in beta version.

    I hope this will be useful to someone.



    Stable release 1.5.0 is available.


    Used in the phpDaemon project .

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